Friday, July 24, 2009

15 minutes to finishing

We've had the best three days!
We decided to end it with great pizza in the dark, lotsa beer and a great bonfire...(not like flame working and glass blowing wasn't enough of heat through the day!) oh and roasted marshmallows for dessert!

Looking forward to one last day of the country before we head back to Toronto.
Thanks to all of you that have been checking the blog and keeping up with whats going on..more images will follow!


Last Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

This our last day of full on work, been working steadily so haven't had time to blog! Did my first flame worked bead yesterday, and it turned out really cool. Nice work for a first timer, thank you Nadia!! Amazing help from Andrea to create my felt pod pieces. We collaborated on a felt and copper bead ring, looks so good!! Met so many amazing artists and am having a blast. We worked from morning to past midnight last night, the day just flew by.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nadia Tasci at the bench in the glass studio making beads

Mark Lewis and Nadia Tasci

"Look Mom, I'm changing careers!"
Aneela Dias D'Sousa works her vision in the glass studio

Day 2...

View from the studio at the start of day 2...a cool light rain, and fog rising over the highlands. Deep in the studio though...

the kiln opens and...

Out comes the first round of glass beauties

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Copper Bee

Copper Bee: Immortalized in Precious Metal Copper Clay (thanks!)
Aneela Dias D'Sousa found this lovely little guy legs up in the garden this morning and has been carefully painting him in Copper Clay, soon to be fired in to a solid copper piece!

More New SPARK News...

Introducing Fish Thelwell the felting dog (note small felt bone between paws), official mascot of SPARK 2009
Yusun Ha and Aneela Dias D'Sousa working away in the glass studio

Official SPARK headquarters in the Beaver Valley Glass Studio

Jim Lorriman, in search of the perfect branch - soon to be felted by Andrea Graham